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Powerful Data Analytics Of Shipped Volumes
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Powerful Data Analytics Of Shipped Volumes

The ability to make intelligent supply chain business decisions is contingent on having high-quality data on your supply network. High-quality data has the following characteristics:

  • Reliable.
  • Accurate.
  • Relevant.
  • Understandable.
  • Accessible.

Most businesses recognize the importance of having reliable, accurate and relevant data. However, they often fail to provide such data to their teams in an accessible and understandable manner. This is usually because the data gets stored in cumbersome spreadsheets or fragmented legacy systems containing unstructured data that make it difficult and time-consuming to evaluate. Business performance is negatively impacted as a result, since it takes too long to act upon this hard-to-digest data, and in the supply chain world where things move very quickly, any delay in decision making can prove damaging for business.

That’s why at Gravity Supply Chain, we’ve spent considerable time developing analytics that makes data easy to understand and act upon, increasing the speed of your decision making. One example is our Volumetrics Tile, which presents data on shipped volumes in the most intuitive and visually appealing manner possible.


Volumetrics offers the following significant features and business benefits:


  • Interactive shipped volume visualizations, including Quantity (pieces), CBM, TEU, Container/MAWB, and stock value based on reliable data.
  • Easy to consume metrics, displayed in powerful dynamic charts.
  • Over 20 filter options, enabling users a high degree of control in terms of the data that’s displayed and most useful for their business.
  • Enables comparison of different sets of data, e.g., compare shipped volumes in different markets or during different time periods.


Business Benefits

  • Eliminates the need for monthly manual reports or relying on others to get the data you require. Now you have immediate access to data about your shipped volumes, speeding up decision making.
  • Business performance is improved as you can drill down into the data to understand exactly what’s happening in your supply chain and how it can be improved.
  • Data visualization makes it easy for all stakeholders to understand what’s happening in your supply chain, improving collaboration and teamwork.
  • Gives you an edge over competitors who are still using manual processes and legacy systems to evaluate their data; by contrast, you’ll be more agile and efficient than your competitors by using Volumetrics.

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