3PLs and Freight Forwarders

Gravity gives you the advanced tracking, multi-modal visibility and predictive ETAs that will improve your customer supply chain service levels from end to end.

Ordering just got easier.

  • Improve the accuracy of your supply chain tracking.
  • Connect your LSPs and automate the allocation process.
  • Meet your customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.
  • Leverage best-in-class technology to boost sales performance.
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Because the customer always comes first.

Gravity gives you the real-time visibility and analytical insights to improve service levels, reduce errors, mitigate risks and enhance decision making.

Improve product offering

With advanced tracking and source and order functionality.

Leverage advanced analytics

With additional data points built into your existing TMS.

Reduce delay and disruption

With global risk alerts, satellite data and IoT tracking options.

Gravity for 3PLs and Freight Forwarders: Real-time visibility and analytical insights


Streamlining every stage of your supply chain.

Gravity puts the power in your hands to improve supply chain performance, uncover efficiencies and cut operating costs.

Reduce time-consuming tasks

Cut down the time it takes to complete manual processes.

Avoid expensive mistakes

Reduce the risk of costly errors caused by manual inputting.

Optimize team talent

Free up more time for strategic tasks that make the most of your team.

Gravity for 3PLs and Freight Forwarders: Streamlining every stage of your supply chain


Give your team the tools they need to succeed.

Gravity empowers your team to achieve more, through class-leading technology, easy integration, powerful tools and automated processes.

See the big picture

View all your products, vendors and logistics providers in one platform.

Communicate effectively

Use in-built communication tools to improve speed, tracking and transparency.

Manage admin more easily

Leverage Gravity’s reporting tools and standardized document templates.

Gravity for 3PLs and Freight Forwarders: Give your team the tools they need to succeed


Gravity Supply Chain Solutions was chosen to assist us with our Supply Chain Visibility Product offering. Gravity has enhanced visibility for our clients resulting in better informed decisions based on real time data

Nigel Lyall, RIF Worldwide Plc

Gravity integrates with all the platforms and data points that you’re already using

Built to integrate into any ERP or TMS system in less than 90 days. Seamlessly.

Gravity Supply Chain 3PL

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