At Gravity, we aim to bring clarity to supply chains.

We do this because we believe that complete control and total visibility are the keys to creating a value-driven supply chain.

Powered by best-in-class technology, our solutions help to navigate the pressures and complexities in an ever-changing landscape of disruption.

Our story

What we do

Crafted from decades of industry insight, our product development uses a human-centric approach to digital supply chain transformation. Bringing together not just the latest data and technologies but designed to work in tandem with people, processes, and existing infrastructures.

Designed to connect each vendor from first to last mile fulfilment, it enables better business through better decision-making, optimizing operations, mitigating risks, and controlling costs.

Our platform
What we do

Our story

Why we do it

We know the demands on today’s Shippers and Logistics Providers are constantly evolving, from the expectations of a more conscious consumer to unpredictable disruptions to shipping lanes and ports.

Our supply chain order management solutions enable global logistics providers, freight forwarders, retailers, and shippers to go beyond visibility.

Gravity enables key stakeholders to dive directly into specific orders that require exception management, orchestrate relevant actions with partners directly on the platform, and achieve unparalleled operational efficiencies and ultimately savings.

Our solutions
Gravity Supply Chain - Why we do it

Our mission

To be the go-to platform for the supply chain and logistics community

Our brand is built on the specific missions we set out to deliver as a business and the belief statements that embody our hunger for change in the supply chain industry. Where the mission and beliefs meet, we see our values. These represent who we are, how we work and what we offer to each of our clients.

Company Statistics


(2014 Stealth) 2018 Live


SKUs managed on Gravity platform

Net revenue retention

156% FY21


4 countries: Singapore (HQ), United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong

PO value managed

100 USD$Bn from 2020-2021


Voted one of the 10 Most Innovative SCM Solution Providers in 2018 and 2020

Graham Parker testimonial

Note from the CEO

“As we know, the industry continues to be under immense pressure as consumer demands ramp up and infrastructures come under strain. That’s why here at Gravity, we continue to develop our already industry-leading platform to support the demands on the modern-day supply chain.

Built from decades of experience and using the latest in data and cloud-based technology, we support some of the world’s leading Shippers and Freight Forwarders to streamline operations, get more visibility and make more informed decisions. It is ultimately helping them turn their supply into a value chain by putting the power in their decisions.”

Graham Parker, CEO and Founder, Gravity Supply Chain Solutions

Leadership team

Graham Parker

Graham Parker

Chief Executive Officer


Nick Daly

Chief Operating Officer

United Kingdom

Hian Huat Tan

Head of Finance


Glann Lai

Glenn Lai

Strategy & Growth


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At Gravity, we pride ourselves on being a modern, diverse and innovative workforce. Our 50+ strong team cover twelve different nationalities and spans a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. The common thread through us all is our enthusiasm and drive that constantly looks for new ideas, innovation and problem solving for the ever-growing complexities of the supply chain. If you’d like to be part of it, get in touch.

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