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Designed to suit your needs today and grow with you, you can choose one Gravity module or all three. Each comes with several cross-platform capabilities for advanced supply chain visibility and control.

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Gravity Supply Chain Capabilities


Seamlessly connect your existing infrastructure

Gravity Supply Chain management software can easily integrate into any ERP or TMS system for fast onboarding and minimum disruption.

  • Creates an interconnected ecosystem that shares “one view of truth” across all your stakeholders.
  • Pre-built integrations are available for all major platforms and file formats.
Gravity Supply Chain Infrastructure


Standardize, simplify and track your documents

Gravity simplifies document handling with configurable documents and templates, standardized to meet global regulations, that are tracked and managed in one place.

  • Upload, store, and share documents with your entire network.
  • Standardized templates are available, such as commercial invoices and packing lists.


Easily onboard your team and extensive network

Gravity is a supply chain management system that offers effortless onboarding and simple upskilling for teams and vendors.

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface with intuitive modules and tiles.
  • Multilingual UI is available for users in every corner of the world.


Connect the dots and keep one step ahead

Gravity provides fully trackable communication tools that help streamline a team’s interactions at every touchpoint.

  • Team members and vendors can communicate safely within the platform.
  • Messages link to specific orders, bookings, or any other records within the platform.


Make more informed decisions with advanced analytics

Gravity delivers easy access to advanced analytical tools and supply chain metrics, including vendor scorecards, predictive data, and actionable performance stats.

  • Easy access to vendor performance to inform your future buying strategy.
  • Get end-to-end insights from the stock pipeline, shipment performance, and more.


Gravity Supply Chain Solutions was chosen to assist us with our Supply Chain Visibility Product offering. Gravity has enhanced visibility for our clients resulting in better informed decisions based on real time data.

Nigel Lyall, RIF Worldwide Plc

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