How do I get better visibility of my goods in transit?

In today’s climate, goods-in-transit are at constant risk of delay. Port congestion, weather and shipping lane bottle-necks all prevent on-time delivery. Gravity’s Delivery platform offers new heights of order tracking, giving you more control and reassurance.

Accurate order tracking

Stay on top of your shipping always, everywhere.

The Gravity Deliver module integrates with your TMS and helps to manage all your live and upcoming bookings in one place, then track the accurate location of orders.

Next level multimodal tracking

Gravity aggregates data sources from your vendors and LSPs and combines them with news feeds, weather and GPS.

Predict risks before they happen

Get notified of any delays or potential risks through automated status updates

See the exact location of your goods

Our interactive map tracks vessels, flights, trains, and containers to pinpoint each shipment’s location and status accurately.

Assess LSP Performance

Get an expert view of late and on-time shipments, container status, and ETAs.

Gravity Deliver - Track every order accurately from origin to destination

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Source Order Deliver

Gravity has set a new standard in supply chain management software, providing the control, visibility and functionality you’ll need to enhance operations, unlock efficiencies, and drive competitive advantage.

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