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Do you want better control of the suppliers in your production process?

All too often, once a PO is raised, suppliers and factories can ‘go dark’, leaving you at risk from any unknowns. Gravity’s Order Platform connects you directly to each supplier, giving you better visibility and complete control.

Take control of your orders

Get the 360º view of your production process.

The Gravity Order module gives you more access to vendors from start to finish. The platform brings each supplier together in one place, where you can streamline communication, monitor progress and stay on top of any issues or delays.

Simplify onboarding

Enjoy easy-to-use access to your network of vendors, wherever they are in the world.

Connects to your ERP

Seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP system and synchronises orders.

Be aware of issues at work in progress

Mitigate risk and plan for disruption much earlier in the process.

Book in shipments

Connect directly with your LSPs and tell them exactly what needs shipping and by when.

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Gravity has set a new standard in supply chain management software, providing the control, visibility and functionality you’ll need to enhance operations, unlock efficiencies, and drive competitive advantage.

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