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How do you improve your supply chain risk strategy?

Having a robust risk aversion strategy is invaluable in today’s market. Given the uncertainties and risks associated with the modern-day supply chain, enlisting an end-to-end platform like Gravity can give you the control, visibility and insights you need.


Failing to plan is planning to fail.

The Gravity platform combines data from each supplier and your existing ERP and TMS system. It combines these with external analytics sources, designed to give you advanced insights from source to delivery.

Make more agile decisions

Gravity aggregates data sources and presents them in an easy-to-digest format, meaning you can make faster and more impactful decisions.

Improve stock visibility

Get a global view of your inventory and assess potential risks to delivery, cost and margin.

Advanced vendor selection

Our vendor score cards assess performance from start to finish, helping you make better buying decisions in the future.

See risks before they happen

The platform highlights any global supply chain risks that threaten your deliverability, from port congestion to weather.

Gravity Deliver: Reduce the impact of delays and disruption

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Gravity has set a new standard in supply chain management software, providing the control, visibility and functionality you’ll need to enhance operations, unlock efficiencies, and drive competitive advantage.

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