Designed to meet the complex demands of the automotive industry

The complexities of the automotive supply chain mean it is highly susceptible to risk .Gravity offers an end-to-end solution, allowing car manufacturers full visibility and control across each supplier tier.

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A birds-eye view of your entire supply chain

The average motor vehicle can contain up to 25,000 component parts, meaning the task of compiling the right parts in the right place at the right time can be mammoth.

Align all partners

Gravity helps align the multiple tiers of system integrators and suppliers, from first to last-mile fulfilment

Know your inventory

Get global inventory visibility of your stock pipeline and get end-to-end tracking of your shipments, container status, and ETAs.

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Gravity has set a new standard in supply chain management software, providing the control, visibility and functionality you’ll need to enhance operations, unlock efficiencies, and drive competitive advantage.

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