Reach new levels of transparency in the fashion & apparel supply chain

Gravity provides fashion & apparel supply chain management software that offers advanced quality control and audit capabilities to meet the demands of the modern-day consumer.

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apparel supply chain management software

Fashion Supply Chain Management Software

Advanced visibility to the very last mile of fulfilment

The rise of fast fashion has seen factory-to-store lead times reach record speeds, resulting in an industry that is leading the way in offering more transparency and accountability. Between better warehouse management and enterprise resource planning, apparel manufacturers are leading the way in offering more transparency and accountability.

We provide fashion supply chain management software to assist warehouse management, inventory handling, and much more.

End-to-end audits

The in-built communication tools and inbuilt document management creates a complete, end-to-end audit trail from start to finish.

Inbuilt quality control

The QC process from raw material to manufacture can be monitored, tracked, and stored in one place.

apparel supply chain management software

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Gravity has set a new standard in supply chain management software, providing the control, visibility and functionality you need to enhance operations, unlock efficiencies, and drive competitive advantage in the apparel and textile industries.

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