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Technology Is Key To Managing Capacity Restraints

The world of logistics is spinning at an incredible pace, and there is no option to slow it down as in today’s always on and digitally connected world, consumers want products faster than ever before. However, this momentum brings with it a sense of urgency and concern for logistics operators, regarding whether they have the capacity options needed for effective and efficient operations that can meet the speed demanded by today’s consumer.

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Moreover, the risk of losing out to a more agile competitor purely down to capacity restraints is a very real threat and one that can not and should not be ignored.

Logistics industry experts need to be sure they’ve upped their game and are proactively exercising strategies developed to prepare their company to be able to continue providing customers with excellent service levels. Let’s look at the key technology elements required to address unanticipated situations which result in capacity restraints, as well as provide a competitive advantage enabling your logistics business to outpace competitors during periods of uncertainty.

  • Optimized shipments

The use of technology optimizes shipments through digitization, order processing automation and IoT technology, providing visibility in real time which is key to ensuring on-time service levels.  The result of such processes is fuller cubes and fewer trucks being needed.

  • Disruptive technology

With logistics being ultimately focused on the movement and storage of products, it is absolutely paramount that technology choices meet with the needs of current trends. PwC’s Shifting patterns publication proves that “Logistics companies are facing an era of unprecedented change as digitisation takes hold and customer expectations evolve. New technologies are enabling greater efficiency and more collaborative operating models; they’re also re-shaping the marketplace in ways that are only just beginning to become apparent. New entrants, whether they be start-ups or the industry’s own customers and suppliers, are also shaking up the sector.”


  • Automated systems

Enabling operational success by connecting every aspect seamlessly through integrated automation systems which provide more accurate information able to predict capacity restraints occurring ahead of time. This allows for the fostering of a perfect marriage between uncompromised productivity and cost efficiency.

Companies who actively engage the technology required to enable real time visibility, are provided with the data needed to predict capacity needs based on the exact location and condition of shipments. This data enables the ability to manage the ever-evolving, complex and challenging market demands getting experienced on a global basis.


Interested in acquiring the technology needed to improve your capacity levels? Schedule an online demo of Gravity’s solution by filling in the form below:

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