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Don’t kid yourself if you think you can manage your supply chain as is

Don’t be fooled into thinking the past levels of disruption are finally behind us, and you can just continue to manage your business as is.

Demand is significantly down globally, and the Carriers have far too much capacity. The freight rates continue to fall to pre-pandemic levels, with no certainty where these will bottom out. The inevitable industry strikes are coming if not already upon us, but overall, things are running smoother today than last year and certainly a lot cheaper. This does not mean the next wave of disruption isn’t just around the corner.

We are typically in budget season. With this in mind, any business with a supply chain must invest now to ensure resilience, agility, and governance and take control of your supply chain to ensure cohesive alignment to meet business and customer/consumer demands as we advance into 2023 and beyond.

Planning for the unexpected is business smart. Deploying #order-management visibility and execution platforms enable transparency and continuity throughout the supply chain and allow one view of the business requirements throughout the many departments tasked to meet the business goals and consumer demand.

Having transparency from order creation into the first mile and the critical path to delivery with actionable #data-driven insights is business essential and not a ‘nice to have.’

The supply chain is the conduit between the first and last mile, success, and failure to meet demand. Yet despite having such a pivotal role to play, it’s staggering to see it is one area continually overlooked when it comes to investment. No amount of spreadsheet crunching will ever substitute live actionable insights visible to all stakeholders and at your fingertips.

To remain competitive, agile, and relevant to your customer/consumer, you must use technology to mitigate risk and disruption as it becomes apparent, if not ahead of time.

If a shipper doesn’t want to become agnostic in supply chain technology, that’s fine; insist the logistics providers chosen to manage this area offer this as part of their managed solution.

The ROI is significant to Top and Bottom Lines, efficiency, customer service, and consumer/customer loyalty.

Graham Parker

CEO Gravity Supply Chain Solutions.

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