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Gravity, a global leader in Purchase Order Management and BuyCo, the container shipping platform, announced their partnership to offer shippers with a comprehensive solution that allows procurement and transport teams to collaborate seamlessly for international trade operations. By using the Gravity and BuyCo integration, shippers gain access to an innovative SaaS platform that covers the entire process, from purchase order management to container shipment booking and real-time tracking. Gravity and BuyCo alliance allows large volume shippers to break the traditional silos between procurement and transport teams to streamline operations, provide full visibility and ultimately reduce supply chain costs and provide a better customer experience.

Leveraging Gravity’s powerful Purchase Order management solution shippers take complete control of their production process by raising orders, generating packing lists and commercial invoices and assessing vendor performance. Shipping orders are then sent to the BuyCo platform that manages shipping operations through its extensive ocean carriers network. BuyCo is then providing full visibility over the containers journey. This real time tracking data is accessible to transport operators and to procurement teams using Gravity to collaborate on shipment status with a single source of truth, greatly augmenting teams agility, avoiding errors and cutting disruption delays and costs. 

Gravity aims to bring clarity to supply chains to help teams to navigate the pressures and complexities in an ever-changing landscape of disruption. BuyCo has been founded by container shipping insiders with over 80 years of combined experience. It is designed by a team of experts who know the ocean transportation industry best. The combination of two leaders focused on their core expertise and working in tandem provides shippers with the best-in-class solution delivered through off-the-shelf system integration leading to fast time to value and fast Return on Investment.

Carl Lauron, BuyCo’s CEO, stated, “We are excited to extend our operational support to shippers’ supply chains and contribute to providing shipment visibility to procurement teams while delivering enhanced operational efficiency to the transport teams.” Graham Parker Gravity’s CEO added, “By joining solutions, shippers can finally manage all of their international trade operations seamlessly, breaking the silos between procurement and transport teams for the benefit of supply chain efficiency and customer experience.”

BuyCo and Gravity allow shippers to remain at the forefront of supply chain innovation. By embracing cutting-edge technologies and solutions like these, shippers can reinforce their position as a global leader in their industry, ensuring exceptional efficiency and service.

About BuyCo
BuyCo develops a digital Container Shipping Solution. Designed for exporters and importers managing large volumes of containers, the SaaS platform connects ocean carriers, freight forwarders and all other shipment participants in a single place. By connecting stakeholders, automating day-to-day shipping tasks, and increasing visibility, BuyCo transforms container shipping to be more efficient, transparent and profitable. Learn more at

About Gravity
Crafted from decades of industry insight, our product development uses a human-centric approach to digital supply chain transformation. Bringing together not just the latest data and technologies but designed to work in tandem with people, processes, and existing infrastructures. Designed to connect each vendor from first mile to warehouse purchase order, style, SKU delivery confirmation, enabling better business through decision-making, optimizing operations, mitigating risks, and controlling costs.

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