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Technology + Human Touch = Digital Supply Chain Excellence

There’s no need to do the maths; we’ve got the answer for you!



The need for businesses to digitize has become the dominant theme relating to the future-proofing of supply chains globally. However, there is no disputing that enhancing supply chains requires more than technology alone. 

An essential component to ensuring responsiveness, competency, flexibility, and the speed of successful supply chain management daily, is the human touch! It’s a fact! Humans are a fundamental prerequisite to understanding and fulfilling organizational goals such as the management of:

  • sourcing 
  • production
  • distribution
  • fulfillment



While technology provides the capability to utilize computational weight and necessary algorithms to harness the power of data to reduce costs, the mechanical exchange of data and information does not suffice. There is a vital need for collaboration, and relationship building with all stakeholders, from suppliers to carriers, warehouses to finance teams, and there is simply no substitute for human judgment. 


Technology has the indisputable power to free up the human workforce and to remove the error-prone, outdated manual operations such as the processing of invoices. Leveraging its ability to take over the predictable and analytical tasks to which it is best suited, humans are enabled the opportunity to focus on those tasks that provide more value-add, and that are creative, rely on intuition and other business-critical attributes.



Often referred to as Human Capital, the skill sets and proficiencies contributed by the human workforce, are an intangible asset or quality that do not get listed on a company’s balance sheet. 


Supply chain success gets built on the foundation of decision-making with certainty. Platforms such as Gravity, help businesses to leverage the power of data and enable their supply chains to evolve from the traditional silo models to cutting-edge, interconnected ecosystems. However, even with the new tools and technologies, increasing the pace of change and enabling businesses to scale at an exponential rate, the importance of human capital cannot get disputed or undermined. It is paramount that workforces can adapt and integrate these new technologies with speed and efficiency, to outpace competitors and gain an advantage, and, to do so, supply chain leaders must think technology and deploy it end to end; source to the final destination.



McKinsey & Co.s ‘The Human Side Of Digital Supply Chains‘ report clearly illustrates that, often, data isn’t enough to resolve inevitable trade-offs between functions. The insightful report highlights how while a production manager might understand a period of lower asset utilization is the best solution for the organization as a whole; he or she may not be willing to make a change that will adversely affect the performance of her team. One way to fix the incentive problem is by using digital innovation to reinvent the structure of the organization, and this is a sentiment echoed throughout the industry. 


Are you ready to embrace the technology required to streamline processes to enable you the opportunity of gaining a competitive advantage? If you need to discuss your needs, please contact us. One of our experts will be happy to guide you through the benefits that deploying Gravity’s platform can offer businesses like yours to gain unrivaled visibility and streamline processes to enable you a competitive advantage. 

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