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Our Technology Gives You Greater Visibility Than A Telescope!


‘That ship has sailed’: an idiom widely used to reference a situation already decided, in the past, and one that almost certainly cannot be stopped or reversed with any success. 

The phrase could get described as mildly reflective but still relating to a fatalistic viewpoint, and in the main, it is incredibly discouraging.

However, in the case of supply chain management, there is no need to live with regret. As a result of the simple digitization process, this expression can become banished from our vocabulary.

It’s often the case that businesses continue to operate in silos, using manual processes, prone to error and confusion. However, the phrase ‘that ship has sailed‘ doesn’t always have to be used as a negative statement. It can also get attuned to more positive outcomes!


Embracing digitization and deploying technology such as that provided by the Gravity platform:

  • leverages the power of intelligent data
  • automate workflows
  • optimizes carrier focused service performance

It enables you to declutter your supply chain. It allows you to focus on what matters most – achieving perfect delivery, optimizing your customer’s experience, and helping to protect your bottom line by putting you in a place of certainty.

However, we live in a world of uncertainty. We have to learn to watch our expenditure, which has resulted in it becoming essential to plan and tightly manage financial outlay and performance.


The core team at Gravity Supply Chain Solutions has extensive knowledge and experience within numerous roles and verticals within the supply chain industry. In short, we get it! 

We know you have to ensure you operate with accountability and accurate, timely information that provides full shipment visibility from pick-up through delivery. It is without a doubt that origin to destination tracking at this level is unrivaled and essential for those businesses wanting to protect their shipments and ensure the on-time, in-full deliveries expected in today’s dynamic, dis-intermediated, and hyper-competitive marketplace.


However, we also understand that committing to deploy a full solution can be of concern when you might not yet fully understand the benefit of doing so yet. 

With this concern at the forefront of the development teams’ minds, Shipment Tracker Go! got developed. It is a new and exciting product for those undecided or who need to experience the power of Gravity before taking the plunge into the full Shipment Tracker feature. 

What’s more, and even more alluring, is it requires: 

  • No integration
  • No upfront or Hidden Costs
  • No lengthy sign-up contracts


You can just ‘plug it in’ and go with the touch of a button. Pay for what you want when you want it – by credit card if you prefer, and cancel whenever you want without penalty – we are confident enough to claim that once you’ve engaged us, you won’t want to disengage us! 

Give us a call, and have a chat. There is no obligation in doing so. One of our friendly advisors will only be too pleased to chat with you about your needs, talk you through the new feature along with any other of the Gravity products you might be interested in learning more about, or even give you a full demo. Your future is in your hands – you just have to take the first step by clicking here.

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