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Real Time Data At Your Fingertips


As a supply chain professional, real time data is one of the most significant assets at your disposal to ensure your supply chain performs efficiently, reliably and is not subject to disruption by unforeseen circumstances. You want to see where all your shipments are at all times, and to be aware of any potential delays that may pose a risk to the delivery of your cargo, allowing you to take proactive action.

Unfortunately, most supply chain professionals lack this level of real time visibility and transparency, due to relying on opaque manual or legacy systems of supply chain management. The result is poorer decision making and inefficient delivery fulfillment, harming the bottom line of their business.

Fortunately, at Gravity Supply Chain we have developed a powerful solution that provides the crucial real time data that supply chain professionals need, called Progress To Market (PTM). PTM is an easy-to-use capability that we offer to logistics companies or retailers, which visually represents the live movement of their shipments (air, sea or land) at all times. In particular, PTM provides the following significant features and business benefits:

Product Features:

  • Track cargo in real time from the country of origin to the destination country warehouse.
  • Powerful search and filtering options.
  • Be informed of delays on your shipments ahead of time.


Business benefits for Logistics Service Providers:

  • Become a more agile and efficient logistics company, by using real time data to ensure your supply chain runs smoothly and effectively, increasing your revenue.
  • Give your retail customers the visibility they need into the status of their shipments, increasing customer loyalty and retention.
  • Mitigate expensive supply chain delays or disruptions, and save costs.


Business benefits for Retailers:

  • Achieve on time, in full deliveries, by being able to better coordinate your supply chain, increasing your sales opportunities and profitability.
  • Increase speed to market, through greater supply chain visibility and data driven decision making.
  • Mitigate expensive supply chain delays or disruptions, and save costs.

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