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Increase Your Productivity with Real Time Visibility

How much time do you and your team spend every week on manual processes like data entry, spreadsheet updates, fielding phone calls and responding to emails? Imagine how much more productive you could be if those manual processes were reduced or even eliminated. That’s possible with Gravity’s next-generation Operational Tiles, Ops Tiles for short.

View and execute operational processes in real time

The newest version of our Ops Tiles allows you to capture and analyze all the operational data that is currently scattered across various sources. This reduces time consuming, laborious manual data entry, streamlines workflows and provides you with a single point to view and execute operational processes in real time. Gravity can extract data from virtually any source across your supply network. Fragmented systems? Check. Emails, PDFs and spreadsheets? Check. XML, CSV, TXT, XLS, EDI files or any other three-letter acronyms you want to throw at it? Check.

Improve your productivity by reducing manual processes

Ops tiles deliver the capabilities you need to provide your customers with real time visibility over their entire end-to-end supply chains. Simultaneously they improve your productivity and create new efficiencies by reducing manual processes and the risk of human errors. Because Gravity is a cloud-based platform, all parties involved in a job – factories, partners, customers, your employees – can access the same information in real time with no additional license fees per user. No need to send ETA reports to your customers. No need to wait for a full day to receive an update from the origin office. All of this is done within Gravity which can be accessed 24/7 from any device. 

Fast and easy integrations

Another benefit of the cloud-based model is getting up and running means simply plugging your data into Gravity. In a matter of weeks (and in some instances days) integrations will be complete and you’ll be feeding data in and out of Gravity, filling the gaps in your existing systems. For example, if your gaps are related to factories we can provide you with the ability to manage QC approvals and receive production updates directly from the factory. Or perhaps you have gaps related to destination – we can provide you with the ability to track a shipment all the way to final destination. Maybe you don’t have a system, in which case Gravity can be your operational platform too.  

It sounds simple, and honestly it is. We built it this way, because everything we develop is done with the intent to make the user experience easy and efficient. Even for the IT department. This means you can start making a difference in your business right away instead of spending more time implementing a new system.

UX simplicity

The simple and efficient user experience (what technology enthusiasts refer to as “UX simplicity”) separates Gravity from other systems on the market. For users, there’s no complicated user training sessions or tutorials to sit through. Just log in on your computer or mobile device to quickly find and update records anytime, anywhere. 

Take a look at this screen grab of the Gravity dashboard featuring eight different Ops Tiles (Note: you can customize the dashboard with the tiles that meet your specific needs).

Looks straightforward, doesn’t it? That’s the beauty of the Gravity modern UX.  

ops_tiles_dashboard_gravity.jpg Learn more about we can help you improve your productivity and drive up profitability by downloading ‘How to Immediately Improve Your Productivity’ or requesting a one-on-one meeting with one of our team members. 

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