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Gravity A Supply Chain Force To Be Reckoned With


Gravity: A force we barely think about, yet one so great it defines how we all interact with our world, a force that draws objects toward its center and is so powerful it grounds us and prevents us from falling off the Earths surface.


Einstein wrote his ‘theory of relativity’ in 1905, and it quashed Sir Isaacs Newton’s claims that Gravity was a force. 


The German-born physicist illustrated that instead, Gravity was a consequence of the distortion of space and time, describing it as a curve in space that wraps around an object.

His research verified that the larger the object that was distorting space-time, the greater the effect it had, and that if another object is nearby, it too will get pulled into the curve. 


Gravity has an essential role within our universe. 


  • It is what enables the moon to orbit the Earth
  • It holds orbiting planets around the sun
  • It is so powerful it creates stars and planets 

However, more importantly still, it is essential for our survival; without it, we would fly off the Earth and into the unknown. Essentially, we would float around in space aimlessly; without direction, without a final destination – we would become irrelevant, as do the many businesses that fail to recognize the need to digitize


Businesses should deploy technology such as that provided by the Gravity platform to ensure their processes get firmly anchored.

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Gravity Supply Chain Solutions cloud based real time visibility and execution platform is a force that connects and digitizes all parties involved in the supply chain. The products we provide draw all the essential components of a successful supply chain into an orchestrated ecosystem that enables businesses to design solutions to remain customer focused and scale.  

Those companies using Gravity’s platform can be sure that all their decisions get made with absolute certainty. As the scientific force of Gravity prevents us from falling off the surface of the Earth, the power of Gravity Supply Chain helps prevent businesses’ supply chains from failing.


If you want to know more about how our platform can simplify your processes and gain you a competitive advantage, please contact us. One of our advisors will get in touch at a time that is convenient for you.

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