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Do You Need To Weather-Proof Your Supply Chain?


A  year that will get recorded as a year of exponential levels of stress, strain, and disruption for all people, all businesses, and all economies from food manufacturers, to retailers, authorities, and associations globally, and will likely fast track the way we work by around 15 to 20 years.



Numerous lives continue to get significantly impacted, with health issues, tragic bereavements, job losses, and a whole host of other previously unconsidered troubles severely testing day to day life as we know it. COVID-19 also continues to strain even the most robust global supply chains to their limits. 

The ‘Not So’ Perfect Storm


There is another adverse situation brewing – and one that cannot and should not get ignored. A combination of dominant weather patterns threatens to aggravate our already troubled existence drastically.

Typhoon And Hurricane Season Is Upon Us!

These seasons typically run from June through November and bring with them the power to severely disrupt the supply chains. Typhoons in origins such as China, Hong Kong, Japan, and the Philippines create delays in transit. In contrast, hurricanes at destinations such as the Americas get impacted by the resulting logistical disruption and subsequent bottlenecks.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) has predicted an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season, with 2020 getting predicted to experience a 60 percent increase in hurricane activity, a number that far exceeds the average. Furthermore, the ASMC (Asian Specialised Meteorological Centre)  reports that the ASEAN region has been experiencing Southwest Monsoon conditions since late-May 2020. As the season progresses into June to August 2020, there is an increased chance of above-normal rainfall for most parts of the equatorial region. Both of these reports substantiate that supply chains will likely get compounded-exasperating vulnerabilities further. 

Tropical storms, however, are only one element of the numerous other often unpredictable natural disasters that can significantly damage your physical assets and disrupt business processes.  

Crisis Point


During times of crisis, businesses must leverage advanced planning capabilities to enable them to respond to unpredictable disruptions quickly. Only those businesses that deploy technology such as the Gravity platform will gain access to the essential near to and real time tracking information required to enable visibility, traceability, and accountability. This data provides the actionable insights necessary to ensure robust, accurate, timely, and advanced planning can take place to mitigate risk.

Be In The Know

Regardless of whether your supply chain is under threat of a regular, seasonal, expected, or unexpected disruption, access to:

  • tracking information
  • carriers
  • suppliers
  • inventory counts 


helps you prepare for the uncertainty and orchestrate the seamless and advanced planning strategies required to deal with what lies ahead. 

Communication Is Critical

The ability to communicate with your supply chain, logistics partners, is perhaps one of your greatest assets. Being able to relay information to all stakeholders in real time is business-critical during times of uncertainty, enabling you to act quickly, using strategies that mitigate risk and ensure operations can continue without disruption. 

We’re Here To Help!

The team at Gravity comes from a robust supply chain background, with decades of experience within the field of ‘all things logistics.’ We understand your pain points and believe in orchestrating seamless partnerships with our customers to ensure our solutions help you leverage the best supply chain plans to guide you through times of difficulties and solidly into the future. 

Contact Us

One of our advisors is on hand to discuss how Gravity can support your journey to digitization – progress leads to great results!

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