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Automate The Process Of Researching Shipping Schedules

Let’s admit it: there are indeed more desirable tasks than keeping a consolidated list of the world’s real time shipping schedules up to date as doing so requires much work and is extremely time-consuming.  Furthermore, no sooner as you have captured the information on an enormous spreadsheet, it’s already out-of-date. Route to Market (RTM) however, makes this process much more straightforward and efficient, so your business can get on with delivering value to your customers.

The Problem With Using Spreadsheets For Data Collection

Look, there’s nothing wrong with using spreadsheets. Programs like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets let you do some fantastic things concerning the organizing, updating, and sharing of the data you’re collecting every single day; but as spreadsheets grow larger and more complex, the line between organization and chaos blurs.

Spreadsheets have been the primary management tool for the freight business for around 15 years, but now it’s time to move into the 21st century, where the most competitive companies are using more advanced tools to automate functions such as data collection. Besides reducing time and effort as discussed in the blog post – The Curse of Outdated Technology – newer software tools eliminate version control issues, offer greater consistency, and can deliver information in real time.

Automate The Process Of Choosing The Best Sailing Schedule

RTM provides up-to-date sailing schedules for over 50 major ocean carriers, and over 250,000 port pairs covering over 90 percent of the world’s container capacity. It actively searches for sailing schedules at the time you search. You receive the results on-demand and in real time right on a dedicated tile in your Gravity dashboard.


RTM includes a search engine that enables you, or your logistics provider, to select any global port pair and date range, and instantly see every sailing option for all carriers. You likely have contracts with several shipping lines. You can upload these details to RTM, where you can filter your search results by the quickest sailing route.

Digitize Your Processes For Scheduling And Tracking Freight

Growing your business requires you to find more efficient and effective ways to manage your day-to-day operations. RTM can help you automate the manual processes you use to schedule and track freight.

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