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Real time, collaborative, sourcing, and management software providing you with one version of the truth and full visibility of your sourcing processes through to finished goods.

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Customer Challenges

  • Lack of product, vendor, and quality assurance data available
  • Fragmented pricing and quoting information
  • Inability to make accurate KPI based comparisons between vendors lowers the ability to negotiate for better pricing
  • Inadequate levels of visibility, traceability, and accountability
  • To mitigate risk
  • Inadequate sample management
  • Vast quantities of manual processes

Benefits of Sourcing

  • Seamlessly connects all stakeholders into one harmonized platform
  • Complete transparency, auditable processes and a complete view of your Sourcing workflow
  • Captures sustainability, ethical, and traceability throughout the journey
  • A fully connected data village enables trust and decision-making with certainty opportunities
  • Consumer-centric vision

Six Steps to Achieving a Fully Digitized Sourcing Operation


Developing new product ideas is straightforward when using Gravity’s ‘Product Creation’ feature. The product catalog feature enables you to decide on product specifications details such as color schemes, dimensions, and packaging and define the product testing and inspection requirements before assigning the product to the relevant department/buyer/season.


Gravity’s ‘Brief and Quote’ feature enables the creation and efficient maintenance of your vendor profile database so you can create a product brief and request from your vendors with speed, efficiency, and certainty.


Define your auditing principles and develop your vendor, factory, and buyer profiles directly within the easy to use ‘Factory Auditing’ feature and audit factories from the all-important environmental, quality, and CSR perspective.


Gravity’s ‘Landed Cost Estimation’ feature simplifies processes. It allows you to estimate the cost of producing and shipping your finished goods and raise purchase orders to inform the chosen factory to start production.


Book and conduct a ‘Product Quality Control Inspection’ and create the inspection report directly from the platform to enable you to get inspection report approval from all stakeholders efficiently and in a timely fashion.


View your good’s production status directly on the platform and have the ability to efficiently and straightforwardly organize the logistics to pick up your finished products from the factory.

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