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Complete control.
Total visibility.

Discover Gravity, the end-to-end software solution revolutionizing supply chain management. Gravity delivers the control and visibility you need to optimize operations, mitigate risks and control costs.

Bring every element of your production and shipping journey into one place.


and retailers

Gravity is the end-to-end software solution that simplifies supply chain for modern-day sellers.

Seamless integration

Integrates with your existing ERP system and seamlessly synchronizes orders.

Simpler collaboration

Enables clearer communication and closer collaboration with vendors.

Streamlined operations

Auto-generates documents like Commercial Invoices and Packing Lists.

For shippers and retailers
Gravity Platform for Retailers and Shippers


3PLs and Freight Forwarders

Gravity provides the tools and visibility that help logistics providers unlock operational efficiencies.

Effective planning

Utilizes sailing schedules to help plan and monitor routes to market.

Efficient outsourcing

Connects your LSPs and automates the allocation process.

Accurate tracking

Delivers multi-modal visibility and predictive ETAs for goods.

For logistics service providers
Gravity Platform for 3PLs and Freight Forwarders

Designed by insiders. Trusted by experts.

Gravity was created by experienced supply chain practitioners to meet the unique goals and challenges of the industry.


SKUs managed on Gravity platform


total value of goods managed by Gravity


“Gravity offers the full deal; the system is versatile and flexible and able to onboard customers in a timely way, which makes it an extremely popular option within MapCargo’s client base. Efficiencies are a big aspect of successful freight forwarding, and Gravity enables this.”

Mark Hawkins, Operations Director UK, MapCargo

Gravity integrates with all the platforms and data points that you’re already using.

Built to integrate into any ERP or TMS system in less than 90 days. Seamlessly.

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