Why Digital Supply Chains Are Vital
Customer Testimonial


Mark Hawkins, Operations Director U.K., MapCargo, is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience within the freight forwarding industry. MapCargo, a leading U.K shipper, implemented Gravity’s digital supply chain solution to provide their customers with greater visibility about the progress of their shipments. “Gravity operates an easy to use and configure platform, consisting of the best aspects of the multiple systems out there welded together to provide one of the best user interfaces and overall functionality in the marketplace,” states Mark. “Gravity offers the full deal; the system is versatile and flexible and able to onboard customers in a timely way, which makes it an extremely popular option within MapCargo’s client base. Efficiencies are a big aspect of successful freight forwarding, and Gravity provides this in entirety. Its POM (Purchase Order Management) solution provides data integration with customers, data integrity, and the removal of manual data entry to increase transparency and give one version of the truth.”

Mark Hawkins, Operations Director U.K., Mapcargo

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