Whale Logistics Australia Partners With Gravity Supply Chain To Leverage Experience Within Inbound Visibility

June 22, 2017

HONG KONG – June 22, 2017​ –​ Gravity Supply Chain today announced that Whale Logistics Australia will deploy the Gravity cloud-based platform to provide next generation supply chain visibility for their customers. The white-label solution will enable Whale’s customers to benefit from enhanced offshore supplier collaboration, streamlined purchase order management, real-time inbound to warehouse visibility as well as leveraging the platform’s powerful reporting and exception management capabilities.

Whale Logistics Australia are a full-service freight forwarder and since being founded in 2015, have built an enviable reputation as a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective supply chain solutions through the Asia Pacific region. “Whale Australia is the freight forwarder for the digital age” said Ryan Cummings, founder and Managing Director, Whale Logistics. “We are continuing to revolutionise global logistics using state of the art technology allied with our experienced and highly passionate team, and we are excited about partnering with Gravity Supply Chain”.

Cummings added “We are continuously pushing the boundaries of productivity and delivering value for our customers and Whale, thus changing the world of supply chain management. We have found the Gravity solution to be extremely powerful. Their team is extremely dedicated and incredibly experienced in their field. We look forward to our journey with them”.

By connecting their global supply chain networks through a cloud application, Whale’s customers will enjoy a single global view of their suppliers, data, and movement of goods. Dave Graham, Head of Business Partnerships, Gravity Supply Chain said “We are incredibly pleased to welcome Whale Logistics Australia to the Gravity community. At a time when the logistics provider industry is going through significant change, it’s exciting to partner with a forwarder such as Whale, who are clear in what is needed to succeed in the industry in the future. Our real-time supply chain and logistics visibility application will help meet, and exceed, what their customers demand and be a competitive advantage going forward”.

About Gravity Supply Chain

Gravity Supply Chain provides managers with real-time visibility over their global end-to-end supply chains so they can be more proactive and effective in reducing costs and identifying issues that will impact customer service levels. Gravity accelerates and streamlines the collection, analysis and sharing of real-time data to improve collaboration and decision-making among all supply chain partners anytime, anywhere. Gravity’s unique magNET-T™ serves as the foundation for its suite of modular apps. MagNET-T™ uses Web APIs, AI Bots and proprietary algorithms to unlock and gather data scattered across not just an organisation’s immediate supply chain, but throughout the multiple tiers that support it. It also collects what is happening out in the world – including the latest weather, labour strikes, the impact of natural disasters, providing instant awareness of potential supply chain disruption.

To learn how Gravity’s real-time end-to-end supply chain solution can help you compete request a demo , or visit gravitysupplychain.com .

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