Integrate Your Supply Network With Gravity

Gravity Supply Chain is a state-of-the-art technology platform that integrates your entire supply network by capturing data from your existing technology systems and those of your partner companies, suppliers and customers – becoming the focal technology system that allows you to achieve significant operational efficiencies.

Why you need transparency and data integration

Today’s supply chains operate in data silos. Our research has found that on average the Purchase Order to Distribution Center supply chain involves roughly 200 process steps, 50 people and 12 systems where data is passed around manually – and this doesn’t even include external disruption factors such as weather.

These manual processes are bad time drains. They also exacerbate the silo-ing of data stored in proprietary systems which in most cases is not accessible to other affected parties. Fragmentation in the form of silos and time-wasting processes prevents you from succeeding in today’s fast-paced, e-commerce-driven economy.

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APAC CIO Outlook, Top 25 Logistics Technology Companies - 2017

Gravity delivers improved operational efficiency, profitability
and real time visibility with:

Real Time Data Delivery

Obtain data direct from the source, that is data within your own supply chain or pre-packaged data sets from thousands of ports, air and sea carriers.


Benefit from fast and easy integration with your existing technology systems, your customers’, and your customers’ partners’ systems (e.g. operational, TMS, WMS).

Improved Collaboration

Gravity makes communication more efficient by having everybody on one common platform.

Actionable Insights

A clean and intuitive user experience (UX) allied with real-time data capture predictive analytics provides you with the information to react quickly or plan ahead.

Our Products

Shipment Tracking

End-to-end global shipment visibility and track and trace system for logistics service providers.

Reduces the time and cost of handling each shipment by automating key processes and integrating data between internal operating systems and external sources.

Purchase Order Management

Real time access to supply chain data, from purchase order creation through to delivery to global distribution centres.

Connects all parties – suppliers, factories, logistics partners or retailers – and provides visibility of operational data, creating a single point of view for your global supply chain operation.

End-To-End Supply Chain Management

Real time supply chain visibility and management, from sourcing to distribution center, delivered via modular apps.

Enables retailers and manufacturers to make smarter, proactive supply chain decisions faster by capturing and analyzing data from sourcing/procurement to DC.

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About Gravity Supply Chain

Gravity Supply Chain is a state-of-the-art technology platform that gives Logistics Providers, Manufacturers, Retailers and Brands unprecedented 24/7 visibility into their entire supply network. By uniting all industry stakeholders on one platform, Gravity drastically improves cooperation and decision-making at every stage of the supply chain.