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The Benefits of IoT And Real Time Actionable Data

It is an essential prerequisite that for a supply chain to operate effectively, complete visibility, traceability, and accountability must be in place. Leveraging the power of data ensures you not only know where your inventory is but also the status of all the components and products en route from manufacturer to the final destination at any given time. Information is readily available to all stakeholders, enabling the opportunity for a quick response to disruptions in near to/real time, cutting risks, improving speed to market, and strengthening the supply chain. However, many businesses still fall short of doing so, with many supply chain managers throughout the world still struggling to gain accurate visibility into the movement of goods throughout the end to end supply chain. 

IoT – The Enabler


While it’s widely known that IoT is an essential enabler for supply chain visibility. Gartner’s ‘Top 8 Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2019’ report indicates that IoT adoption is growing in select supply chain domains, but rarely as part of a complete end-to-end supply chain process. This research confirms that this is regardless of the fact such technology could have a broad and profound impact on the supply chain. Improving areas such as:

  • asset utilization
  • customer service
  • end-to-end supply chain performance
  • availability
  • visibility
  • reliability


Traditional supply chains operate using milestone-based visibility, rather than near to/real time visibility, blind spots are inevitable. When data only gets fed back along the cargo’s journey from certain checkpoints throughout the critical path, it is near to impossible for businesses to know:

  • the geographical location of goods in transit
  • overall environmental/health status of cargo
  • what service levels are getting provided by the chosen carriers
  • where bottlenecks and inefficiencies lie within the supply chain

However, this doesn’t need to be the case as technology is empowering supply chain managers’ ability to make informed decisions through the enhanced levels of visibility getting provided by IoT enabled supply chains. 


Imagine a time when shipping routes get fully optimized, the evaluation of carrier performance levels is simple, levels of cargo security get significantly improved, and potential risks to your supply chain reduce substantially. 

This time should be NOW!

Gravity Supply Chain Solutions is a digitized cloud based provider of supply chain solutions that enables customers to visualize and execute on real time data insights in an easy to use intuitive, suite of modular apps. Our products support industry needs, spanning areas such as:

Boasting features such as:

Our platform provides users with unprecedented levels of live and actionable data into every process and transaction throughout the supply chain, allowing supply chain and logistics managers to make informed decisions in near to/real time. By intelligently connecting people, processes, data, and things via IoT devices and sensors, the supply chain quickly becomes a fully connected ecosystem, operating seamlessly that can continuously monitor, measure, collect and exchange live data for the enhanced visibility required to:

  • streamline operations
  • reduce risks
  • increase efficiencies
  • enable better decision-making and forecasting


These hyperconnected, innovative, transparent, and intelligent supply chains are critical in today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment.

Gravity now has the capability to receive data and visualize IoT devices which in turn provided users with the benefits enabled by IoT devices, such as near to/real time visibility and insights into temperature, humidity, shock, and light levels, etc.



Businesses previously often balked at the concept of adopting new technology, fearing potential high cost implications and not understanding the benefits afforded by doing so. However, there is no need for these fears to be a consideration now. IoT devices are gradually becoming more affordable, 4G is common, 5G is available, and they can be either reusable through managed services, or disposable, offering numerous options.


A user connected into a platform such as Gravity benefits exponentially through everything getting captured in one place and gaining: 

  • complete visualization
  • full purchase order information
  • shipment, vendor, carrier and LSP details
  • essential data
  • key milestone event insights
  • entire shipment workflows

Essentially, everything gets captured seamlessly and is available within one, digitized and fully synchronized platform. 

Gravity’s IoT enabled, cloud-based solutions ensure companies benefit from fully automated end-to-end, in-transit visibility from the point of origin through to the delivery by connecting intermodal shipping containers, cargo, vessels, and trailers through one platform. Users can access the data at any time and from any location, enabling corrective actions, faster and smarter decisions to get made with certainty when an unplanned event occurs.

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