Technology Is Making An Impact – Get Informed At The TPM Conference 

March 9, 2019

Long Beach, March: This year, Gravity Supply Chain’s very own supply chain expert, Ron Nicolas, Head of Customer Success, APAC, Hong Kong, will be attending the annual logistics-focused TPM (Trans-Pacific Maritime) conference to enjoy all that’s on offer alongside the estimated 2,400 attendees looking to find new customers and nurture existing relationships.  


Ron and the team here at Gravity, all firmly understand how the logistics industry is entering a whole new phase of development, and with the industry at a turning point, it is vital to understand the importance of digitizing today to support your tomorrow. Problem-solving, innovation, and product differentiation in the sector all require the embracement of new technologies to resolve the many issues getting experienced daily and on a multitude of plateaus.   


JOC Events, the conference organizers, host many events which have long since been considered the ‘Go To’ of conferences for logistics professionals operating throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. The TPM Conference is one of the many on offer and takes place between March 3-6 2019 and is without a doubt, the ‘must-attend’ conference providing significant worth for players throughout the trans-pacific and global shipping and logistics community.  


The Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center, Long Beach, U.S.A., is the location for this plethora of industry related round-table gatherings, seminars, and award presentations, all geared towards providing an opportunity to gain the insightful intelligence required to make informed decisions based on the latest market forecasts, analysis and expert opinions. This conference is an incredibly valuable event for anyone looking to understand more about how existing and emerging technologies are impacting on international and domestic freight transportation and logistics strategy. 


So, why not sign up to not only enjoy this fantastic event but also to spend some time networking, exploring the numerous conference tracks and interacting with Ron Nicolas who would be extremely happy to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with you. 


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Gravity Supply Chain Solutions is the developer of state-of-the-art technology that gives unprecedented 24/7 visibility of entire supply chain networks. By uniting manufacturers, logistics service providers, and retailers on one platform, Gravity drastically improves collaboration and decision-making at every stage of the supply chain. With dedicated offices in major cities around the world, Gravity is a global solution for global operations.  

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