What is Supply Chain Management?

A digitized, connected, and comprehensive supply chain management system, coupled with a vibrant ecosystem of data providers, enhances relationships between all stakeholders and is essential for today’s consumer-centric world.

Solar System

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The need for supply chains to digitize and become data-driven is a fundamental component of today’s complex global supply chain. Only those businesses that utilize platform enabled ecosystems will be able to orchestrate and align the combination of elements required to fundamentally shift the supply chain from linear logic to the connected, and integrated processes and transparency creation needed to mitigate risk and enable scale.

Modular Supply Chain Solutions & Applications

Gravity provides you with a suite of dynamic supply chain solutions that are easily customized to meet all your supply chain needs. From manufacturing management, through to enhanced tracking and visibility at SKU level, select the modular apps that work best for you, and let Gravity do the rest.

Distribution Center

Consignment level track-and-trace

Ocean freight sailing schedules

Global event risk management

Transport Management System (TMS)

Multi-modal tracking

Load planning

Document handling

Delivery management

Shipment performance analytics


SKU level track-and-trace

Order confirmation

Vendor management

Transport Management System (TMS)

Multi-modal tracking

Load planning

Document handling

Delivery management

KPI’s & analytics

Buyers & Merchandisers

Buyers product brief

Vendor RFQ

Product catalog

Master data management

Factory audit

Estimated landing cost

Quality assurance protocol

Inspection scheduler

Online and final inspections

Always Included

Easy integration

We have built Gravity’s Supply Chain Solutions to easily integrate with all of your existing systems so you can make sure everyone is on the same page.

Prepackaged datasets

Our technology gives you access to thousands of data sources, including published schedules from 1,000+ air and sea carriers.

Multiple languages

Our platform is available in all major business languages, allowing for better collaboration with supply chain partners worldwide.

Access on any device

Our cloud based platform is designed to be accessed from multiple devices, giving you full visibility on the go, day or night.

24/7 in-app support

The supply chain never stops, and neither do we. Contact our support team of supply chain experts 24/7 through the Gravity app.

Cost-Saving Digitization

Leveraging technology by deploying a digital supply chain platform creates a strong value chain and facilitates significant cost-savings. The ability to analyze vast quantities of near real time data provides businesses with the full visibility, transparency, traceability, and accountability required to enable agility, reduce risk, and subsequently protect the bottom line.

Supply Chain Disruption

Defined as any significant event, whether Natural, Environmental, Industrial, Geopolitical, Political, or Economical, that can negatively impact the flow of goods, resulting in decreased productivity, increased costs, and reducing customer levels satisfaction.