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What is gravity?

Ready to say goodbye to the 1990’s technology and the spreadsheets and take control of your supply chain?

Supply Chain Software Vendors for HK and the World


Gravity is a set of integrated applications that simplify the planning, execution and optimization of your end-to-end supply chain. Regardless of your size, industry or vertical.


And they are built for today’s mobile work force.


By connecting through our cloud platform, we as vendors make it easy for you to manage your sourcing, supply, transport and inventory and finance activities wherever in the world they are taking place. Our supply chain software can also help you optimize your finance and working capital, mitigate the risks and match demand with supply.


Oh, and did we mention that our applications also use proprietary algorithms and machine learning to unlock the power of Big Data, delivering predictive and  real-time predictive insights into your supply chain? Enabling you to know what is going to happen tomorrow…today.

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How the software works in four easy steps


Built 100% in the cloud, Gravity eliminates the expensive licensing and server costs that has been traditionally spent by both large and small businesses to integrate even a fraction of their supply chain.


What’s more, if you’re not connected you have a problem. Most platforms at best give you visibility to your first tier of partners – and even getting to that point is hard. Why? Because data is fragmented across multiple systems, geographies and business groups.


However, that’s not a problem if you choose us as your software provider. Gravity breaks down the silos that exist in your supply chain, allowing you to share and receive accurate and real-time data from multiple-tiers. Imagine that.



establishes visibility and control into the ordering and production process. This delivers improved manufacturing compliance and increased supply certainty; whilst enabling advanced product flow directly from source to end-buyer.


lets you manage and optimize your global transportation network. Reducing cost and increasing delivery reliability by establishing control and promoting collaboration across all your modes and providers.


establishes an instant and accurate view of your inventory wherever it is. Match supply with demand and take decisions on which allocations or orders can be brought forward or delayed. All helping to eliminate the build up of excess inventory in unwanted locations.


empowers you with real-time performance and insight of your supply chain. Allowing continuous KPI-based improvements and the monitoring & control of operational transactions by exception.


unifies the financial and physical supply chains in your business by automating the invoice reconciliation process across orders, invoices, inspections, quality checks, ASN’s and shipping documents. Through either online management approvals or intelligent algorithms you can pay your supply chain partners in a fast and accurate way, while at the same time receiving insight into any deviation to your landed cost plan.


Allows you to conceive, build and manage a global product assortment – from mood boards through to range plans – in one centralized application. Collaborating real-time with the right suppliers for products at the right price you’ll minimize risk and missed opportunities, while removing manual spreadsheets and inefficient ways of working.


Unifies your global supply chain with your omni-channel sales activities. By connecting all your stock into one central pool that can be accessed from all retail outlets capturing every possible sale by offering items formerly out of reach.


Supply chain software has traditionally been centered around linear thought processes. It has been great at telling you what has gone on.


However Gravity is different. We use proprietary intelligent-algorithms to deliver accurate predictive insights at a speed and depth that has not been capable before. Allowing you to know today what is going to happen tomorrow.


Supply chains are complex whether you’re a large or small business. You may have noticed. And the applications used to traditionally manage them are cumbersome to use. All those data sheets and screens. If only there was a better way.


Well there is. Gravity. We deliver an on screen user experience akin to the most popular consumer applications today, enabling efficiency and productivity. So whether you’re a small business or large global corporation, get in touch with us today to find out why so many enterprises in HK and around the world are looking to Gravity as a vendor for their supply chain software solutions.


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