Gravity Supply Chain’s Next-Gen Operational Tiles Improves Productivity Along The Entire Global Supply Chain

April 20, 2017

HONG KONG – April 20, 2017​ –​ Gravity Supply Chain, the developer of a cloud-based platform that helps companies manage their global end-to-end supply chains in real-time, today released the second generation of its Operational Tiles that automate the capture, analysis and dissemination of information from all parts of the supply chain. This relieves supply chain managers and logistics providers of their reliance on manual processes to track the movement of goods worldwide, and provides them with a single point to view and execute operational processes in real time.

Users anywhere along the supply chain can login and enter new data into the platform, instead of emailing updates to another person responsible for data entry. The Gravity platform itself also automatically provides real-time updates when it receives data from any system being used in the supply chain, including Operational Systems, Transportation Management Systems and Warehouse Management Systems.

“That means no more entering shipment information into emails and shared spreadsheets, only to have someone else in the supply network enter that same data into another system,” says Darren Palfrey, Chief Operating Officer, Gravity Supply Chain. “Eliminating these redundancies saves time, improves productivity and ensures supply chain managers have complete visibility anytime, anywhere, and can provide the service levels their customers demand.”

Save Time and Money

The new version of Operational Tiles allows a third party logistics provider to capture and analyze all operational data scattered across multiple sources such as factories, partners and customers. This reduces the reliance on the time-consuming manual processes typically required for gathering and analyzing data from so many sources. It also creates more efficient, streamlined workflows. No more waiting an entire day for updates from the origin office, or having to send an ETA report to an impatient customer. All parties have the information they need in real time, 24/7 on any device. Because Gravity is cloud-based, getting up and running is fast and easy. Gravity integrates seamlessly with a third party logistics provider’s existing in-house or third party systems and applications, and connects with virtually any data source including XML, CSV, TXT, XLS, EDI, PDFs, emails and spreadsheets.

Easy to Use

The Operational Tiles are key components of Gravity’s unique and easy-to-use modern UX that sets it apart from all systems on the market. Users can track the movement of goods along every step of the way, from generating purchase orders to shipment booking approvals to landslide delivery, and they can do so 24/7 on all their desktop and mobile devices. “Shippers need real-time visibility into the movements of orders, shipments and inventory as a priority, and they are increasingly turning to their logistics providers to provide that visibility,” says Palfrey. “The company that can provide shippers with an instant 24/7 view into the movement of goods along the entire global supply chain, from the order process, inventory at rest, inventory in motion, supply chain risks, event management and analytics will enjoy a significant competitive advantage.”

About Gravity Supply Chain

Gravity Supply Chain provides managers with real-time visibility over their global end-to-end supply chains so they can be more proactive and effective in reducing costs and identifying issues that will impact customer service levels. Gravity accelerates and streamlines the collection, analysis and sharing of real-time data to improve collaboration and decision-making among all supply chain partners anytime, anywhere. Gravity’s unique magNET-T™ serves as the foundation for its suite of modular apps. MagNET-T™ uses Web APIs, AI Bots and proprietary algorithms to unlock and gather data scattered across not just an organisation’s immediate supply chain, but throughout the multiple tiers that support it. It also collects what is happening out in the world – including the latest weather, labour strikes, the impact of natural disasters, providing instant awareness of potential supply chain disruption.

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