Gravity Supply Chain Opens Australian Office To Keep Pace With Customer Demand

February 15, 2016

HONG KONG – February 15, 2016 – Gravity Supply Chain, a developer of cloud-based apps to help companies modernize the management of their global supply chains, today announced it has opened an office in Melbourne, Australia. It is the third office the company has opened since its founding just over one year ago.

Gravity helps companies end the reliance on spreadsheets, legacy silo systems and other outdated, inefficient processes for managing their global supply chains. Gravity’s apps connect the entire supply chain from end-to-end, making it easy for companies to manage sourcing, supply, transport and inventory activities anywhere in the world, regardless of their size or market. Users can optimize their finance and working capital, mitigate risks, and match supply with the demand of a global and fragmented consumer base.

All of Gravity’s apps feature an intuitive user interface designed to meet the needs and expectations of today’s mobile, always-connected workforce. Gravity delivers an intuitive user experience similar to popular consumer apps.

“The most important requirement for today’s global supply chain is having the flexibility to meet customers’ constantly-changing and varied wants and needs, and that’s what we provide,” said Darren Palfrey, COO, Gravity Supply Chain. “Our Australian office will play a critical role in delivering our promise of providing easy-to-use, cloud-based supply chain management apps to companies around the region.”

A New Approach to Raising Capital

Gravity Supply Chain was founded in December 2014 in Hong Kong, and now also has offices in Australia and the U.K. The company has grown its customer base without relying on traditional seed or Series founding rounds. Instead, rounds were staggered against established KPI’s, enabling investors to pay out portions only after the company achieved each milestone.

“The philosophy we promote as to why companies need a new, modern approach to managing their supply chains is resonating with the marketplace,” added Palfrey. “We’ve secured investments, interest is high, and our new office in Melbourne will enable us to help supply chain professionals move from traditional spreadsheets to more viable options that they may not be aware even exist.”

About Gravity Supply Chain

Gravity Supply Chain provides managers with real-time visibility over their global end-to-end supply chains so they can be more proactive and effective in reducing costs and identifying issues that will impact customer service levels. Gravity accelerates and streamlines the collection, analysis and sharing of real-time data to improve collaboration and decision-making among all supply chain partners anytime, anywhere. Gravity’s unique magNET-T™ serves as the foundation for its suite of modular apps. MagNET-T™ uses Web APIs, AI Bots and proprietary algorithms to unlock and gather data scattered across not just an organisation’s immediate supply chain, but throughout the multiple tiers that support it. It also collects what is happening out in the world – including the latest weather, labour strikes, the impact of natural disasters, providing instant awareness of potential supply chain disruption.

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