PO Management


Enjoy real time order and vendor management with full visibility and execution by connecting suppliers and retailers to enable a business-wide view of all your operations.

SKU level track-and-trace

Vendor order management

Transport Management System (TMS) integration

Multi-modal tracking

Customer Challenges

  • Inadequate levels of visibility, traceability, and accountability
  • Lack of accurate data weakening opportunities for proactive decision-making
  • Overall inability to ensure on time in full delivery to the end customer
  • Fragmented and disparate systems hindering collaboration and sharing of data
  • Extended lead times impacts significantly on working capital

Benefits of PO Management

  • Trustable data for enhanced visibility, and accurate and informed decision making
  • Reductions in lead times, increased revenue, and opportunities to scale
  • Suppliers and retailers connected on one platform
  • A consumer-centric, outward-facing value chain proposition

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