Software That Connects You To Your Retail Supply Chain in Real Time

Supply Chain Management Software that makes it easy to manage your supply chain just in time, delivering on time and in full. You’ll make your customers happy with the products they want, in the right place, when they are ready to buy – growing your business faster.

Control your inventory in real time.

Reduce excess and avoid stockouts, all the while meeting your customers’ needs and growing your business.

Customer Expectations Have Changed

Retailers are stuck in a fulfillment arms race to win the new digital consumer, and winning requires making the right decisions, quickly in order to adapt to changes in demand, trends or global events that threaten your original plan.
To do this, you – the retailer, needs accurate up to date information. That’s where Gravity comes in – providing a holistic view of your entire supply chain in real time.

Fact about customer behavior

One place for an accurate real time view of your supply chain to make better decisions, faster

Gravity provides you with a business view of everything happening in your supply network all on one platform.

Take the uncertainty out of production

Maximize visibility and control in the ordering and manufacturing process through our vendor management suite.

Gravity allows you to collaborate with trading partners, including suppliers, retailers, factories and service providers, to obtain work-in-progress updates in real-time. Whether you need to monitor and manage an individual product or oversee multiple orders in multiple countries, organize Quality Control and inspections in-house or with a 3rd party, or track product as it passes through overseas logistics warehouses; Gravity has you covered.

From A to B avoid hassle and expense

Reduce global transportation costs and increase delivery reliability through collaboration across all modes of transport and providers.

Gravity automates the data flow between you and your logistics partners, including advanced ship notices, compliance documents, and tells you where your product is at all times with real time tracking visibility. We integrate with carriers, logistics providers and shipping data portals around the globe, enabling you to say goodbye to endless spreadsheets while simultaneously reducing errors and time costs.

A real time view of your global inventory, wherever it is

Match inventory supply with customer demand and take decisions on which allocations or orders should be brought forward or delayed.

Gravity helps to reduce operational overheads and carriage costs for retailers by giving a complete and unified global view of your stock pipeline and the flow of goods from factory to warehouse. We enable the creation of a lean and mean supply chain, supported by the proactive allocation of in-production, in-transit or on-hand product.

Everything you need to manage your supply chain

Real Time Data Delivery

Get data direct from the source, whether it’s in your own supply chain, within your partners operations or from other external sources like ports, carriers and weather feeds.

KPI & Metric Reporting

Pre-configured and customizable real-time KPI reporting cuts the manual work out of reporting, so you have the answers you need in a matter of seconds, not days or even weeks.

Collaborate & Share

You can share and receive accurate, real-time data from all parties in your supply network. Improve collaboration by arming your stakeholders with the same information and insights in real time. No more wrestling with multiple versions of spreadsheets.

Easy Integration

Built to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems (ERPs, financial, operating etc) and the systems of your suppliers, customers and partners to reduce manual data entry, automate processes and improve speed and accuracy.

Multi-Device Support

Your supply chain doesn’t stop when you are away from your desk. Which is why Gravity keeps you connected to your operations 24/7 from any device.

24/7 In-App Support

We work hard to make sure technical issues don’t slow you down. Our support team is available around the clock to help our users whenever they need it.

Graham Parker

“The modern-day supply chain is global, fragmented and forces shippers and suppliers to react to consumers and changing external factors in real time. At Gravity we set out to break down silos – whether it be between, systems, people or organizations – so businesses can make decisions based on the real time situation in their supply chain.”

Graham Parker
Gravity Supply Chain, Founder & CEO


Grow your business, by having what your customers need. Every time.

A customer-centric supply chain means having real time visibility to your inventory no matter where it is. Learn more about how Gravity Purchase Order Management can help you to take control of your supply chain and grow your business faster.

Take control of your supply chain and grow your business faster.

About Gravity Supply Chain

Gravity Supply Chain is a state-of-the-art technology platform with solutions that give Freight Forwarders, Logistics Providers, Manufacturers, Retailers and Brands unprecedented 24/7 visibility into their entire supply network. By uniting all industry stakeholders on one platform, Gravity drastically improves cooperation and decision-making at every stage of the supply chain.

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