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The complexities of the automotive supply chain mean it is highly susceptible to risk. The average motor vehicle can contain up to 25,000 component parts, meaning the task of compiling the right parts in the right place at the right time can be mammoth [1]. With multiple tiers of system integrators and suppliers, aligning all parties from first to last-mile fulfillment needs expert orchestration.

Gravity offers an end-to-end solution, allowing car manufacturers full visibility and control across each supplier tier.

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Supply chain management in the electronics industry demands high amounts of precision. As a product that relies on being the best and latest, retailers have to find the perfect balance of lead time, quality, and price. Previously there was no lack of supplies, but recent years have seen factory closures, component shortages, and counterfeits, putting buyers under extra pressure to increase due diligence with their buyers [2].

With Gravity, our Order module gives buyers complete control over the PO and manufacturing processes.

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Fashion & Retail

The rise of fast fashion has seen factory-to-store lead times reach record speeds, resulting in the clothing and textile industry becoming known for unethical practices and unsustainable raw materials. But on the plus side, it is also an industry that is leading the way in offering more transparency and accountability, with several leading high street retailers lifting the lid on their supply chain to their customers.

Gravity gives fashion apparel supply chain management software that offers advanced quality control and audit capabilities to meet the demands of the modern-day consumer.

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Supply chain management in the food industry has a different set of challenges. From freak weather that can affect the harvesting of raw materials to port delays affecting the quality and sell-by-dates of final packaged products. What we would consider a simple grocery item often has a complex story of how it made it to our shelves. In shipping, food requires an extra level of handling, speed, and care to ensure it lands at our stores at the best possible quality.

Gravity Deliver module offers advanced multi-modal tracking that shows you location and condition and even flags any potential risk or delays to your shipments.

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Disruption in the pharma supply chain can occur from the first to the last mile, but sourcing raw materials hold the most risk. Nearly fifty percent of industry experts interviewed cited sourcing of inputs as a critical vulnerability [3]. And in an industry that typically has large stockpiles, ensuring the quantity of the good are available and in place on time is crucial.

With the Gravity Source module, pharmaceutical supply chain managers can achieve advanced levels of accountability from the end-to-end briefing, quoting, and QA processes

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Technology and Digitalisation is creating a sea of change in the freight forwarding industry. It was therefore paramount we chose the right partner with the right product to help us on this journey.

Nigel Lyall, RIF Worldwide Plc

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