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Freight Forwarders are Digitizing Supply Chains

It’s common knowledge, for any logistics professional who has spent 10 minutes reading about the logistics industry, that traditional freight forwarding will continue to commoditize amongst the thousands of freight forwarding and logistics companies in the world(International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations alone has 40,000).

That may be a bit harsh, but the truth of the matter is that logistics customers – shippers – are continually seeking ways to squeeze costs out of the supply chain while improving performance – particularly in inventory and transportation.

3PLs Digitizing Supply Chains

As a logistics provider, this means you can either enter a battle to offer a lower freight price than your competition or you can differentiate your service offering by helping shippers manage their logistics smarter and more efficiently. You don’t have to be an MBA to know that pricing is not a sustainable competitive advantage, which is why I’m frequently shocked when I come across prospects failing to embrace this change, asking questions like “Why would I want to give my customers visibility? That would confuse them. We sell freight. We’ll leave the technology to someone else.” Sigh.

gravity-competitive-advantage-pricing-retina.jpgThankfully, for my sanity, not all sales conversations go this way. And there are many logistics professionals at organizations small and large leading the charge to digitize their business. These leaders are putting in place a technology backbone that will allow their company to become more than just a provider of freight or logistics services, but a guide to their customers logistics and supply chain operations – helping to automate and digitize processes that will enable their customers to have network-wide  visibility and achieve greater operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Benefiting From Digitized Logistics Management

One example of a logistics provider who has a forward-thinking mindset is Whale Logistics. Whale is a full-service freight forwarder, and since being founded in 2015, they have built an excellent reputation as a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective supply chain solutions through the Asia Pacific region.

With Gravity Supply Chain Solutions’ cloud based white label solution Whale is offering their customers:

  • Enhanced offshore supplier collaboration.
  • Streamlined purchase order management.
  • Real time inbound to warehouse visibility.
  • Powerful reporting and exception management capabilities.

At a time when the logistics provider industry is going through significant change, it’s a relief to come across a forwarder such as Whale, who is clear in what is needed to succeed in the industry in the future. With real time supply chain and logistics visibility capabilities they’ll be able to help meet, and exceed, what their customers demand, giving them a competitive advantage going forward.

Ryan Cummings, Founder and Managing Director of Whale describes the business as a “freight forwarder of the digital age.” It’s this mindset that is setting the Whale brand apart from other traditional freight forwarders.


Embrace Change Or Embrace Failure

By connecting their global supply chain networks through cloud technology, Whale’s customers will enjoy a comprehensive global view of their suppliers, data, and movement of goods. For Whale, this means adopting a new sales approach which elevates their service offering above traditional freight forwarders. Now they can sell on visibility and transparency, so the customer forgets about whether he’s going to pay fifty dollars more or less between Melbourne and Shanghai.

If you’d like to read how Gravity has helped another global freight forwarder gain a competitive advantage, click here to read our case study.

If you are working for a traditional freight forwarder stuck in the old mindset of competing on freight costs, there’s still time. However, the next two to three years are critical for the business. A handful of Gravity Supply Chain Solutions’ existing customers started their search for a visibility solution only after losing a significant customer. And I’m sure you’ll agree, that’s much too late. So break away from the familiar and embrace the change that is undoubtedly happening in the logistics industry. Even if it’s painful to put up the time and political capital, it’s necessary if you want your business to be around long term.


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