Gravity’s Shipment Tracker to Accelerate Business Growth of Two Logistics Providers

September 19, 2018

HONG KONG – September 19th, 2018 – Gravity Supply Chain, a supply chain technology solutions provider powered by Microsoft Azure, today announced that it would be implementing its Shipment Tracker product for two new customers who are logistics providers – World Logistics Group and SML. Shipment Tracker will provide both companies with essential visibility into their supply chain and help them fast-track their business growth.

World Logistics Group

World Logistics Group (WLG) offers a large range of logistics, courier, freight forwarding, warehousing and distribution, and transportation services to companies around the world, including many Fortune 500 companies. WLG has a large network of agents and branches in the main cities around the world across Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe and the United States. Its global network employs more than 3,000 people, making them a major integrated logistics company globally.

Recently, WLG decided to expand the freight forwarding aspect of its business. To achieve this goal, it decided to adopt Gravity’s Shipment Tracker, which provides real time visibility into shipments from point of booking at origin, through to receipt at destination. This crucial visibility will help WLG better manage its freight forwarding capability, as well as provide its customers with greater transparency into the status of their shipments, boosting their loyalty. In these ways, WLG expects Shipment Tracker to drive business revenue.

“We want to optimize the speed and efficiency of our freight forwarding business, which is why we opted to use Gravity Shipment Tracker. The solution will provide us with an around-the-clock live view into our supply chain, and allow us to manage the cargo we move much more easily”, said Serge Garcia, Managing Director, WLG.

Learn more about Shipment Tracker by clicking here.


SML is an Indonesian based logistics company that helps meet the demands of Indonesian exporters and importers to perform reliable freight forwarding throughout the world. SML has more than 75 branches and agents internationally.

To take their company to the next level, SML decided to implement Gravity Shipment Tracker. For SML, Shipment Tracker offers two advantages. The first is enhanced visibility, which will facilitate their strategic planning and provide transparency to their customers. The second is digital transformation, since SML has been using manual processes, such as emails and spreadsheets, to manage shipments. Shipment Tracker will automate these tasks, and in this manner decrease the time and cost it takes to handle each shipment. SML expects Shipment Tracker to make their business more competitive in the process.

“We’re excited to use Gravity’s shipment tracking solution, which will help us digitize our operations, in addition to providing our customers with real-time progress updates about their shipments 24/7 via direct access to the platform rather than having to call our customer services”, said Wijaya Gondokusumo, Managing Director, SML.

Tracking That Provides a Competitive Edge

“WLG and SML understand that to thrive in today’s marketplace, you need to provide your customers with up to minute tracking of their shipments. We are happy to provide both companies with exceptional shipment tracking functionality that will give their freight forwarding operations a competitive edge, and make these already excellent logistics providers even better at what they do”, added Dave Graham, Head of Business Partnerships. Gravity’s shipment tracker is powered by Microsoft Azure’s best-in-class cloud platform and is available anytime, anywhere. To learn more about Shipment Tracker or to schedule a live demo of the product, click here.

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