Gravity Introduces New Functionality to Drive Supply Chain Data Automation

December 13, 2017

New platform enhancements help accelerate ROI by cutting costs through time savings.

HONG KONG – December 13, 2017​ –​ Today Gravity Supply Chain is announcing a new capability in its end-to-end supply chain technology platform to further revolutionize the way businesses manage their supply chains. The new feature is called Broadcast and it improves a user’s ability to take action in real time to improve results, make more effective and efficient decisions quicker, as well as keep the necessary people informed across the supply network.

“From day one, Gravity was designed to change the way we work by automating processes that have traditionally made businesses reactive,” said Darren Palfrey, COO, Gravity Supply Chain. “We think that supply chain professionals should be spending time managing their accounts, products and departments, not managing reports. By replacing time consuming manual tasks with intelligent automation we help businesses cut costs and improve their service levels or make time for innovation.”

With Broadcast, Gravity users take advantage of all the data within their supply network without suffering from information overload. This new functionality allows users to automatically send interactive dashboards and tiles (the main pillars of Gravity’s user interface), based on triggers and events, to anyone in the supply chain network. For businesses, this opens up the possibility to manage their supply chain in real time, rather than after monthly reports are circulated.

Automated notifications to Gravity users and non-users ensure that as soon as a key metric falls outside the required thresholds, those responsible for taking action and those that need to be kept informed are aware.

“There is so much data to monitor in the supply chain. With all that needs to be browsed through, checked, reviewed, it can be difficult to identify what your immediate focus needs to be. Projected profit on a shipment too low? Container too low? Those are the types of things that Broadcast will tell you,” said Gavin Webber, Head of Product, Gravity Supply Chain.

Broadcasts can be easily set up by any user, using multiple parameters based on time periods and in the near future numbers and events. Users can receive the notification in the Gravity platform via the Activity Feed, and anyone, even non-users, can receive instant notifications via email and SMS.

“Typical supply chain technologies are cumbersome to use. Broadcast is inline with what we try to do with everything in our product – deliver a user experience similar to the most popular consumer application. The problems that supply chain professionals are solving are complex, so we help to make their lives easier by delivering an on-screen experience that is intuitive and easy to use,” said Webber.

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About Gravity Supply Chain

Gravity Supply Chain Solutions, voted one of the Top Logistics Technology Companies in 2017, provides managers with real-time visibility over their global end-to-end supply chains so they can be more proactive and effective in reducing costs and identifying issues that will impact customer service levels. Gravity accelerates and streamlines the collection, analysis, and sharing of real-time data to improve collaboration and decision-making among all supply chain partners anytime, anywhere.

Gravity uses Web APIs, AI Bots and proprietary algorithms to unlock and gather data scattered across not just an organization’s immediate supply chain, but throughout the multiple tiers that support it. It also collects what is happening out in the world – including the latest weather, labor strikes, the impact of natural disasters, providing you with instant awareness of potential supply chain disruptions.

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